Automatic downloading of series ( down)


After this article, I’d like to explain a little more in detail how to download from usenet automagically!

I presume you are using sabnzbd.

  1. Use this link from the bottom of this article
  2. Go to the RSS config-page of your sabnzbd installation http://YOUR-IP:8080/sabnzbd/config/rss/
  3. Add a new feed above (using the link address you made in #1)
  4. Decide what series you’d like to download, enter it like THIS
  5. Wait 😉

More information needed? Unclear? Ask!


5 Responses to “Automatic downloading of series ( down)”

  1. parapoo Says:

    Just to make it bit more clear, if you want only 720p releases then a good string to use is:

    For example for the show “north park”


    x264 are the high res releases in .mkv format

  2. Daagar Says:

    Working wonderfully, thank you for the quick tutorial.

    For anyone that watches “V”, you can enter a pattern of:
    to catch the episodes.

    And if you want the non-high res shows, do something like:
    *my_show*xvid* (as opposed to x264 as shown above)

  3. Thomas Says:

    When previewing the feed in sabnzbd I get very mixed results. My filters are similar to these:

    If I use the search strings below on the NZBIndex site I get no results – I need to remove the *’s to get results – like this: south.park *.x264

  4. flantastic Says:

    this is great info, but i ehenever it downloads something for me, it fails. all files are there and verified, but every single one fails because it asks for a password. ive never run into this before with nzbs, have you? anyone know what im doing wrong?

  5. pirr Says:

    True, this happens more often every day. :(.

    try these sites for the passwords:

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