TVNZB is down: alternative to their RSS (with sabnzbd)!


Example configuration

So I discovered that the past few weeks was slow, notworking and unreachable.

I have been using this alternative since everything went a little buggy.

How? The easy way:
(if you want to keep your original tvnzb settings, read on to the hard way)

How? The hard way:

  • If you want to keep your settings, because maybe tvnzb will be back, use this method
  • Shutdown sabnzbd
  • Find your sabnzbd.ini (Linux: ~/.sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini, Windows Vista/7: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\sabnzbd\sabnzbd.ini, Windows XP/2003: %userprofile%\local data\application data\sabnzbd\sabnzbd.ini)
  • Make a copy to be safe
  • Open it with a text editor (not Word, notepad or gedit)
  • Scroll down to the
    • An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.
  • Copy the entire block ([[title]] until the next title)
  • Paste this under the current block
  • Change the names of the new block (between the [ and ] and ‘name = xxx’)
  • Change the uri to the url at the bottom of this article
  • Restart sabnzbd and you are good to go!

We will be making a costum RSS/NZB url from the great guys at

  • Go to
  • Make a search (click “Advanced search”)
  • nzbindex settings
  • Do the search
  • Scroll down a little to:
    RSS link
  • Rightclick RSS, choose copy link (address), and use this url

Example: my sabnzbd.ini

-EDIT 1 – Important
Do not forget to set this setting:
setting duplicate posts sabnzbd


20 Responses to “TVNZB is down: alternative to their RSS (with sabnzbd)!”

  1. Marco Says:

    Quick question, does actually create the .nzb files itself or is that some processing done by sabnzbd+ and why do you put a minimum and maximum file size limit?

    Could you possibly add a section on how to match specific shows with sabnzbd+ filters?

  2. pirr Says:

    Quick question, does actually create the .nzb files itself or is that some processing done by sabnzbd+ and why do you put a minimum and maximum file size limit?
    > Nzbindex creates the file, sabnzbd knows how to pick it up. the minimum file size is to eliminate samples (minimum limit) and complete dvd releases (maximum limit)

    Could you possibly add a section on how to match specific shows with sabnzbd+ filters?
    >Will do, later today ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Frank Says:

    Seems to work pretty good! Thanks…

  4. […] } After this article, I’d like to explain a little more in detail how to download from usenet […]

  5. parapoo Says:

    Thanks for the great post but just to make it bit more clear, if you want only 720p releases then a good string to use is:

    For example for the show โ€œnorth parkโ€


    x264 are the high res releases in .mkv format

  6. Sander Says:

    Does Sabnzbd have to be on when a nzb is added? or will it just add the new ones when i start it?

  7. pirr Says:

    It will add the new ones when you start sab ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Phenorazzer Says:

    You can also improve the NZBIndex search results by setting your search term to negate certain flags e.g. search for “-720p -dvdrip”(without quotes) to remove high quality and whole-season uploads.

    For me, this meant that the maximum age of NZBs listed in the RSS feed went from 1.5 days to 3 days, meaning I don’t lose as many shows if I forget to check my feeds.

  9. Dorthensensens Says:

    Dude! I love you!

  10. shaklee Says:

    thanks, works great.

  11. opreat0r Says:

    and my > 80% movies feed

    Yahoo rotten tomatoes newzbin nzb DVD sabnzbd downloader – rmccurdyDOTcom

    * added quotes to input title for yahoo search and upped it to 80% or higher on RT
    * depends on two other pipes yahoo Rotten Tomatoes *
    * depends on 2009 saved search in > because they block pipes I think
    * added Faimily,Horror,Screener filters
    based closely a pipe by Ivo THANKS !

  12. Alex Says:

    TVNZB is not down, only dns is out.
    Put the following line in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (on windows) or /etc/hosts (on MacOS, Linux) :

  13. Alex Says:

    Correcting my previous post, don’t add http:// in front of the URL (I think the blog add it)

  14. sfax Says:

    The rss feed is working fine there is one problem even if I set all the filters in sabnzbd. It is downloading all files. How can I prevent this?

  15. pirr Says:

    Screenshot of your filters?

  16. Tony Says:

    Hi, thanks for the explaination. I would really like it when you can create a full setting for a show, because I can’t get this working.
    Or, maybe you know a good tutorial site, because I can’t find one.


  17. Tony Says:

    i mean, the rss feed finds the show (when i press preview) and i can download the nzb, but still… the feed puts all the episodes under “no matches”

  18. pirr Says:

    To anyone, if you have a problem, please post a screenshot of your filters ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Jim Smith Says:

    This is new but might work…

  20. Kim Says:

    Hi, first off Thanks for an awesome guide, Im quite new to Sabnzbd and trying to get it to run smooth..

    i got all the basic stuff up and running.. and now with the help of your guide i just made an Rss feed from Nzbindex, and added a few series to my accept list..

    And now to my question ๐Ÿ˜› i have added House to my accept list and added Housewives to my reject list, but still it wants me to download “the real housewives of N.Y” which i really don’t wanna watch ;P how can i stop sabnzbd wasting my bandwidth on that?

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